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About Us

Rin Aesthetics Clinic provides advanced skincare solutions in Central Hong Kong


Rin Aesthetics Clinic and Rin Spine Center work hand in hand to promote skincare and spinal health while providing a valuable front-line resource for Hong Kongers.


We perform our health care with the highest ethics, integrity and professional standards, never ceasing to improve our service at every level.

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Rin Aesthetics Clinic's team of dedicated professionals is on hand to extend a warm welcome and invite you into the fold.

Clients enjoy our inclusive communication style, which keeps you informed of all aspects of your treatment every step of the way.



Founder of Rin Aesthetics Clinic, Dr Rin Park, originally trained as a chiropractor in the United States and has been treating musculo-skeletal conditions for over 20 years across the US, South Korea and Hong Kong.

Spinal healthcare

Dr Park work put him into daily contact with patients with spinal deformities and conditions affecting the neck, shoulders, back, pelvis and hips.

He took great pleasure from helping patients reduce pain, restore joint function and halt or correct spinal deformity.

Patients came to the clinic sometimes in extreme discomfort and pain. They left feeling much happier and able to go about their daily activity again.

Patients came to the clinic with spinal deformities, often accompanied with feelings of inadequacy, self-consciousness and depression. Through Dr Park's novel spinal treatment program, he was able to help halt the progression of the most severe spinal deformity and even reverse issues with curvature. These patients felt the benefit of healthier spines on their lives, being able to move and live more freely as a result.

Holistic healthcare

"I've always regarded my skills development in modern aesthetics procedure as a natural progression from spine to skin, which has allowed me to help more people with their health issues - both internal and external." - Dr. Rin J Park

Spinal manipulation is known to have benefits that extend beyond the muscles and spine, promoting good function throughout the body - from blood circulation right through to the nervous, digestive and immune systems. Some patients even reported a positive knock-on effect on the condition and brightness of their skin.

The more he practised as a chiropractor, the more Dr Park appreciated his role in helping support not just his patients' physical well-being, but also their emotional well-being - with many patients reporting improvements in both.

However, for some patients, despite their spinal condition improving to that of a healthy individual, feelings of anxiety, inadequacy or even depression remained. He noticed that these feelings were, more often that not, heavily associated with the patient's self-perception of body, beauty and skin.

It was then that Dr. Park began to explore skin treatment methods and modern aesthetics technological procedures to provide additional support for those who struggled with skin issues.

Advanced Skincare

"While chiro-aesthetics is rather new to Asia, it's fairly common in the US. The blend of skin and spinal care makes complete sense to me, involving positive interconnected effects across the entire body." - Dr. Rin J Park

In 2013, Dr Park began honing his skills across a range of skincare clinics in Hong Kong. He became adept at the application of modern laser aesthetics and was able to utilize these to improve skin conditions such as acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation, moles and other tissue growths.

Seven years later, and on the back of the success of Rin Spine Center's spinal care, Rin Aesthetics Clinic was formed - bringing the advantages of modern laser aesthetics and advanced facial skincare for treating conditions of the skin.

Rin Aesthetics Clinic offers a whole range of facial skin treatment options.

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