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Acne Treatment

Laser & Skin Treatment

Acne Treatment

A range of factors are related to triggering or exacerbating acne, including age, diet, genetics, hormonal balance, some medications, stress and friction on the skin. Two of the main causes include bacteria and an excess oil production.

Our acne treatment program combines PicoSure laser therapy with intense pulsed light (IPL) technology to target and remove acne-causing bacteria. We top this off with a therapeutic cryotherapy treatment designed to tighten the pores and enhance your skin vitality.

No need to hide. Walk out the door with added confidence with skin that's clearer, smoother and healthier.

Suitable for


Acne spots and pimples

Oily skin

Rough skin texture



Reduction in spots and pimples

Clearer, healthier skin

Smoother skin texture

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