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Facial Rejuvenation

Laser & Skin Treatment

Facial Rejuvenation

Collagen is a fibrous protein that cross-links beneath the skin's surface to provide structural support and elasticity. Gradual loss of collagen as we age leads to fine lines, deep wrinkles, sunken eyes and saggy or thin-looking skin.


Our facial rejuvenation treatment program utilises EMS Mesotherapy technology to stimulate the fibroblast cell to produce more collagen and combat the tell-tale signs of aging. In doing so, we deliver a payload of skin-friendly ingredients such as antioxidants, growth factors and peptides to create an environment more suited to tackling the aging process. On top of this, we pack in Eclado's advanced Ultra-Hydrating Lift to promote skin moisture and elasticity while providing a powerful lifting effect. 

An unbeatable combination that will breathe new life into your skin and leave you glowing.

Suitable for

Fine lines and deep wrinkles
Dry, dull or saggy skinRough or tough skin


Wrinkle and line reduction

Moist, glowing skin

Lifting effect

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