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Pigmentation Treatment

Laser & Skin Treatment

Pigmentation Treatment

The development of dark spots or patches on the skin's surface is referred to as 'pigmentation'. This occurs as a result of an excessive production of melanin at the cellular level.


Our pigmentation treatment program utilises PicoSure laser technology to zero in on the pigmented areas and break down melanin to reveal a brighter, more even skin tone. We combine this with Eclado's vitamin and antioxidant infusion treatment, which reaches deep inside the dermis layer to help control skin regeneration and boost the generation of collagen. 

A unique approach designed for maximum effect that will leave your skin brighter, lighter and bursting with vitality. 

Suitable for

Dark or uneven skin tone

Dark spots, patches or freckles

Aged, dull or saggy skin



Skin lightening and even tone

Improved complexion

Skin vitality

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