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Ultherapy Lift & Tighten   LIMITED OFFER: 40% OFF 

Achieve face lifting and tightening in a single visit without surgery - with award-winning FDA-approved Ultherapy treatment.

A non-invasive procedure that lifts the neck, chin and brow, Rin Aesthetics Clinic offers Ultherapy treatment that can deliver a natural result without having to go under the surgeon's knife.

Our facelift program utilizes Ultherapy's ultrasound technology to reach beneath the skin and microtarget energy towards the inner layer, restructuring and tightening fibers to promote a lifting effect over time.


All this in one single, smooth procedure.

Discover more about Ultherapy treatment at Rin Aesthetics Clinic.

Suitable for:


Lifts neck, chin & brow

Face, brow, chin & neck

Lines & wrinkles

Ultrasound, not surgery

Clinically proven

Little or no downtime


Thermage Skin Tightening   LIMITED OFFER: 20% OFF 

Receive an immediate skin tightening boost and continued skin firming for results that last up to a year or more - with just one visit and little or no downtime.

For the softening of fine lines and wrinkles, reduction of bags under and hoods over the eyes, improved jawline definition and tightening of loose skin, you need look no further than Thermage skin tightening at Rin Aesthetics Clinic.

Our skin tightening program utilises FDA-approved Thermage CPT technology to harness radiofrequency to heat the collagen-rich layers beneath the skin. This separates water from the collagen fibers to cause an immediate tightening effect, as well as a secondary healing response that continues as new collagen tightens the skin over time.


All this is achieved in a single visit - with no surgery, injections and no downtime.

Discover more about Thermage skin tightening at Rin Aesthetics Clinic.

Suitable for:


Fine lines and deep wrinkles

Face, eyes, cheeks, jaw & neck

Rough skin

Wrinkle and line reduction

Smoother, firmer skin

Lasting skin tightening

Thermage Skin Tightening

Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

Boost your body's natural production of collagen for firmer, more supple, youthful skin.

Collagen is a fibrous protein that cross-links beneath the skin's surface to provide structural support and elasticity. Gradual loss of collagen as we age leads to fine lines, deep wrinkles, sunken eyes and saggy or thin-looking skin.


Our facial rejuvenation treatment program utilises EMS Mesotherapy technology to stimulate the fibroblast cell to produce more collagen and combat the tell-tale signs of aging. In doing so, we deliver a payload of skin-friendly ingredients such as antioxidants, growth factors and peptides to create an environment more suited to tackling the aging process. On top of this, we pack in Eclado's advanced Ultra-Hydrating Lift to promote skin moisture and elasticity while providing a powerful lifting effect. 

An unbeatable combination that will breathe new life into your skin and leave you glowing.

Suitable for:


Fine lines and deep wrinkles

Dry, dull or saggy skin

Rough or tough skin

Wrinkle and line reduction

Moist, glowing skin

Lifting effect

Facial Rejuvenation
Asian woman with bright and even facial skin tone


Pigmentation Treatment

Break down the skin's melanin content for skin that's lighter, brighter and full of life.

The development of dark spots or patches on the skin's surface is referred to as 'pigmentation'. This occurs as a result of an excessive production of melanin at the cellular level.


Our pigmentation treatment program utilises PicoSure laser technology to zero in on the pigmented areas and break down melanin to reveal a brighter, more even skin tone. We combine this with Eclado's vitamin and antioxidant infusion treatment, which reaches deep inside the dermis layer to help control skin regeneration and boost the generation of collagen. 

A unique approach designed for maximum effect that will leave your skin brighter, lighter and bursting with vitality. 

Suitable for:


Dark or uneven skin tone

Dark spots, patches or freckles

Aged, dull or saggy skin

Skin lightening and even tone

Improved complexion

Skin vitality

Pigmentation Treatment
Young woman with freckles



Acne Treatment

Remove stubborn acne spots, pimples and blemishes for clearer, smoother, healthier skin.

A range of factors are related to triggering or exacerbating acne, including age, diet, genetics, hormonal balance, some medications, stress and friction on the skin. Two of the main causes include bacteria and an excess oil production.

Our acne treatment program combines PicoSure laser therapy with intense pulsed light (IPL) technology to target and remove acne-causing bacteria. We top this off with a therapeutic cryotherapy treatment designed to tighten the pores and enhance your skin vitality.

No need to hide. Walk out the door with added confidence with skin that's clearer, smoother and healthier.

Suitable for:


Acne spots and pimples

Oily skin

Rough skin texture

Reduction in spots and pimples

Clearer, healthier skin

Smoother skin texture

Acne Scar Treatment

Receive a collagen boost to reduce the appearance of acne scars for skin that's smoother, firmer and brighter.

Acne scarring refers to the indentations and damage to skin texture left behind after severe bouts of acne.

Our acne scar treatment program utilizes modern microneedling technology creates tiny pricks in the skin which prompts the body to produce more collagen to repair itself. This new collagen helps to smooth out skin texture and create a more even tone. Our treatment supplements this with Eclado's advanced F.G.F. Down-Aging facial bio-technique, which penetrates deep into the dermis layer to enhance skin elasticity and promote regeneration.

Tackle your acne scarring from the inside-out to leave your face visibly brighter, firmer and smoother.

Suitable for:


Mild to severe acne scarring

Aged, dull or wrinkled skin

Large pores

Reduced appearance of scars

Smoother skin texture

Brighter, more even skin tone

Acne Scar
Pore Tightening

Pore Tightening Treatment

Tighten stretched pores for a skin texture that's smooth, youthful and glowing.

A range of factors - from aging, sun exposure, smoking, excessive oil production and specific skin conditions - can contribute to decreased elasticity around the pore and a skin surface with visible pores.

Our pore tightening treatment program combines PicoSure laser therapy with intense pulsed light (IPL) technology to tighten and smooth out your skin, leaving you with smaller pores and a smoother skin tone. On top of this, we treat you to a facial cryotherapy treatment designed improve skin texture, increase elasticity and tighten pores.

Your route to healthy skin that's youthful, smooth and glowing.

Suitable for:


Large or stretched pores

Uneven skin texture

Dry, dull, or rough skin

Reduced appearance of pores

Smoother skin texture

Skin vitality

Hong Kong dermatologist

Dr. Rin J. Park

Dr. Park is the Director of Rin Aesthetics Clinic and has been practising aesthetics since 2013. He received training at one of Seoul's most established dermatological clinics in Gangnam. With over twenty years' experience in healthcare, Dr. Park is well equipped to guide you through your treatment with dedication, professionalism and care.

Hong Kong laser treatment
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