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Treat yourself to an all-in-one facial skincare package!






Skin Consultation

Laser Toning: receive a targeted collagen boost for greater elasticity, firmness and hydration

Korean facial care: soothing facial cryotherapy and mask treatment

Introducing an exclusive opportunity to indulge in the renowned Korean skincare experience right here in Hong Kong.

Where beauty meets tradition & innovation

We are proud to offer a wide range of treatments and beauty services that blend the best of Korean skincare techniques with modern advancements. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to helping you achieve your beauty goals while providing a relaxing and personalized experience. Step into our clinic and experience a world of rejuvenation and self-care!

Laser Facial Treatment

Cutting-Edge Korean Aesthetics

More and more people are turning to non-surgical skin treatment options to achieve skin transformations never before possible without going under the knife.

Take advantage of the latest in laser aesthetics technology to enhance your beauty or tackle stubborn skin conditions for added confidence, improved well-being and incredible skin.

Thermage Tightening

Ultherapy Lift & Tighten

EMS Mesotherapy

IPL Light Therapy


PicoSure Laser Toning

CO2 Mole Removal

Fractional Laser

Smooth Skin

Enhancing the inherent beauty

Korean facial treatment offers a wealth in skincare benefits, following a multi-step procedure designed to enrich, hydrate and revitalize your skin.

Rin Aesthetics Clinic utilizes the best in advanced Korean skincare products, leveraging Eclado Laboratory's powerful nutrient-rich formulas to achieve a facial treatment experience like no other - for rejuvenated skin that's soft, bright and glowing.

Acne Reset Therapy

F.G.F. Down Aging

Ginseno Contouring

Pure Gold Detox

Pure Vitamin C Infusion

Ultra-Hydrating Lift



I searched online for my periodic laser and facial treatment and found this unique place in Central. Dr. Park, the doctors and other team members are patience, professional, and consistent during the consultation and treatment process. All the staff here are helpful and friendly that makes the environment very comfortable. I am happy to continue getting my treatment here and would recommend others for good results and happy experience.

This place is a gem. The communication has been clear and transparent from enquiry through to booking, consultation and treatment. Dr Park is a kind and generous practitioner who didn’t make me feel rushed and gave me a lot of reassurances before and during the treatment (CO2 Laser Mole Removal). Pricing for treatment the best and most affordable in HK. Attentive customer service from all staff members, I basically want to become a continuous client after this experience simply because I want to support their small practice! 

Had my laser treatment and mole removal here. Dr. Park is very experienced and kind. He explains the treatments, so you know what to expect. Also the staffs are very professional, they send you the follow-up messages after the sessions and answer my questions. I love my skin conditions especially after the laser treatment, it's incredibly soft. Great location, reasonable price, and no hard sell. I will defo visit here again!

Julia, Client

Enix Ma, Client

Skin Analysis



Rin Aesthetics is a Korean skin clinic based in Hong Kong Central District.

Head practitioner Dr. Park trained in Korean skincare at one of Seoul's most established dermatological clinics and has been practising in skincare since 2013.

With over twenty years' experience in healthcare, Dr. Park is well equipped to guide you through your treatment with dedication, professionalism and care.

Dermatology Consultation
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