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Our skin programs have been meticulously crafted through years of experience in aesthetic medicine. An essential factor in shaping these programs is the significant influence of Korean Skin Care. Our leading doctor is of Korean origin, and he actively stays updated by participating in numerous seminars facilitated by the Korean Aesthetic Association during his visits to Korea. This fusion of experience and Korean skincare expertise ensures the quality and effectiveness of our skin programs


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Our skin rejuvenation procedure involves the application of toning lasers, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), skin boosters, and specialized skincare products. This comprehensive approach aims to enhance skin texture, minimize pore size, and achieve a brightening effect.

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Acne is a widespread issue, particularly among teenagers, and can sometimes lead to the formation of scars, especially in more severe cases. Our comprehensive acne treatment approach incorporates various techniques, including the utilization of Bluetoning laser, Art laser, IPL, and specialized skincare regimens. We understand that addressing acne and its potential consequences requires a multifaceted strategy, aimed at both treating the existing condition and minimizing long-term effects on the skin.

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As we age, the effects of gravity become evident in the form of saggy skin and less tight pores. To combat these concerns, two excellent treatments are Thermage and Ulthera. These procedures are highly effective for addressing saggy facial skin. Additionally, micro needling is another non-invasive option that proves beneficial for tightening pores.

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The Co2 laser is a remarkable and nearly miraculous device for removing moles and warts. While some moles and warts may require multiple sessions for complete removal, the results are truly transformative, leaving your face brighter and free from unwanted blemishes.

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Pigmentation arises from various factors, such as aging and exposure to sunlight. We address pigmentation concerns using effective methods like pico laser, toning laser, and specialized skincare; however, achieving noticeable results requires patience due to the gradual nature of the process.

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Acne scarring often follows severe acne or inadequate self-care practices. These scars come in various types, such as boxcar, icepick, and rolling scars. The good news is that treatment is feasible, particularly when the scarring isn't deeply entrenched. Microneedling and fractional laser treatments have proven to be highly effective in addressing these scars, offering promising results for smoother and rejuvenated skin.

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We all cherish the desire to maintain the softness of baby skin, but as time goes by, our skin tends to lose its natural hydration. Numerous factors contribute to this, including the depletion of Hyaluronic acid, prolonged sun exposure, and the habit of smoking. To counteract these effects, we offer a solution called derma-shine, designed to enhance your skin's moisture levels, ensuring a beautifully moisturized complexion

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Hair removal is a highly sought-after procedure for both men and women. Our clinic utilizes the Candela GENTLE/ MAX PRO, the most effective hair removal machine available, ensuring the removal of unwanted hair from all body parts. The procedure is relatively quick, with the duration varying based on the specific body area, and multiple sessions may be required for optimal effectiveness.

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