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Bringing the Korean beauty experience to
Hong Kong

Smooth Skin

Rin Aesthetics is proud to announce its partnership with 실로스의원 (SILOS), a renowned Korean aesthetics brand in Korea. SILOS has established itself as a leader in the field of customized lifting and skincare, offering a comprehensive range of beauty and plastic surgery services. With a team of highly skilled medical professionals and a wealth of knowledge in anatomy and aesthetic procedures, SILOS consistently delivers exceptional results. Their commitment to safety, pain-free treatments, and personalized care sets them apart in the industry. 

Through this partnership, Rin Aesthetics aims to bring the cutting-edge techniques and proven expertise of SILOS from Korea to its valued clients, providing them with world-class aesthetic solutions and a transformative experience right here in Hong Kong.

40,000 Lifting


20,000 Plastic Surgery Procedures

facial lifting silo.png

300,000 Treatments Performed

Trained & Certified Professionals


Dr. JUNG, Sion, M.D.

Dr. Jung, renowned as a leading plastic surgeon in Korea, has been training doctors internationally for over 26 years.


He is spearheading the expansion of one of Korea's top SILOS medical aesthetic clinic chains into the ASEAN region. His extensive expertise in medical aesthetics and background in plastic surgery are invaluable assets to Rin Aesthetics. Dr. Park and Dr. Jung have known each other for more than 15 years, with Dr. Park regularly visiting Dr. Jung's clinic in Korea to advance his aesthetic medical practice.


We are thrilled to be joining the Silos Clinic network and introducing new Korean aesthetic treatments to our clients in Hong Kong who appreciate them!

A revolutionized
lifiting experience 

Silos has amassed extensive experience and expertise in the field of face lifting. With over 40,000 lifting procedures performed, they have become a trusted name in delivering exceptional results.

Acne Treatment

Standardized Lifting

SILOS  proposes standardization of lifting by analyzing data accumulated through numerous surgical procedures at Silos Lifting Center .

In The Lab

Dedicated R&D Centre

Silos has a dedicated Thread Lifting R&D Center to research and develop innovative materials and procedures, putting sincere efforts into thread lifting.



Research and development of new lifting thread materials and procedures

Lifting laser equipment research and development

Research and development of various parallel and complex procedures

Research and development of cosmeceuticals, derma cosmetics, etc.

Sharing and disseminating thread lifting treatment know-how

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